Pallet Collars – or Pallet Frames, as they are also called -are easy to mount/dismount from your pallets and can be collapsed and conveniently stored in a smaller area when they are not in use.

PalletBiz produces Pallet Collars for Euro Pallets, Half Pallets and Special Pallets on request – all planed and heat treated in accordance with the ISPM-15 standard.

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Plastic corner protectors are off the shelf triangle forms made of PVC Plastic. They are specifically designed to protect the corners of the pallet collars and packaging from damage during transportation and storage.

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Identification of pallets made easy. Label holders are PVC plastic folders which are able to hold a piece of document or label. They ensure an easier warehouse management for pallets and packaging.

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Dividers are wooden planks with metal hooks that can easily be inserted into the pallet with its pallet collar. They serve to create compartments in your packaging and keep the division, storage and movement of small batches of cargo easier.

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Distancers are metal holders that can be attached to the corners of the pallet collars. They provide a multi-stack environment allowing for space in between the pallet collars and the pallet above. 

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Lids and covers are made of HDF, MDF or OSBand are placed either on the pallet itself under the pallet collar, or on top of the pallet collar. They serve to prevent cargo pieces falling through the pallet gaps (with pallet covers), or to cover the pallet with its pallet collar and create a box effect (with pallet collar lids). 

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